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Avid Gardener opened in May 2014 in beautiful Cambridge, Wisconsin, to help gardeners of all skill levels take their gardening to the next level. Our shop specializes in lush greenery, gardening tools and accessories, garden-themed gifts, heirloom seeds and serving our customers. We deliver expert information and knowledge to grow your gardening confidence and experience.

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Christianne Laing
Christianne Laing

Christianne Laing explains that gardening wasn’t always her love or second nature. Little did she know the seeds for what became a major part of her life were being sown…

Her mother always had a garden in one form or another and Christianne was always elected to help her.  She remembers being about 9 years old when her mother dragged her to their community garden. The garden had no water source so they had to haul numerous gallons of empty milk jugs to each plant for watering.  Christianne dreaded it.

We fast-forward to 1990 when Christianne’s garden career began…

Christianne lucked out and scored a great summer job working on a private 4-acre estate owned by a wealthy lawyer. For the following 6 years, she learned how to manage many different types of gardens: formal rose gardens, perennial gardens, vegetable and cut flowers, and woodland gardens.  She learned how to compost, prepare shrubs for winter and so much more.

In 1998, Christianne moved to the Madison area and began working for Jung’s Garden Center where she became the nursery manager at the Verona store and later transferred to the Sun Prairie location.  In 2001, she was offered to take on a major account with a new garden-themed neighborhood in Sun Prairie called Gardens at Willowbrook. This launched her career and became the beginning of what has become her 13 years of with Red Hawk Nursery, the landscaping company run by Christianne and her husband, Jay.  Red Hawk Nursery is housed on a 3-acre farmette in Kroghville, Wisconsin.

In addition to uniting in their landscaping business, Christianne and Jay have spent 7 years providing home grown produce and cut flowers to local Farmers Markets in the Milwaukee and Madison communities.

The amount of well rounded, practical experience Christianne possesses in the plant world brings a big advantage to her customers at Avid Gardener. She hopes she can share her wealth of knowledge with you, whether it’s choosing plants or tools for your garden or sharing her passion for gardening.